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Mostar is a city and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the biggest and the most important city in the Herzegovina region and the center of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation. Mostar is situated on the Neretva river and is the fifth-largest city in the country. Mostar was named after "the bridge keepers" (natively: mostari) who kept the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over Neretva river.


The stone bridge, the "Old Bridge" (Stari Most), was erected in 1566, during the Ottoman era, on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman ruler. Later becoming the city's symbol, the "Old Bridge" (Stari Most) is one of the most important structures of the Ottoman era and was built by Mimar Hayrudin, a student of the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.


In the late 16th century, Mostar was the chief administrative city for the Ottoman Empire in the Herzegovina region.